Project Developer

“Architectural inspiration comes from an internal vision that draws on the unique characteristics of the site. We aspire to create a community that reflects this genius loci, or spirit of the place, commonly known as The Strand at Headlands.”

Those are the words of Sanford Edward, Managing Member of Headlands Reserve LLC, and Project Developer of The Strand at Headlands, in Dana Point, California.

With thirty years of real estate development expertise, Sanford understands how sensitive design management preserves and enhances an area. After purchasing the land in 1998 from the Chandler family, who held the property since 1920’s, Sanford set out to design a community that would transform a site that had fallen into total disrepair. The goal was to maintain the spirit of The Headlands, preserve the property’s natural environment, and create a beachfront community like no other.

By assembling the financial strength of the country’s largest pension fund, and the talents of the best land use consultants, Sanford executed his vision to create Southern California’s final oceanfront community.

“We are striving to create a community that families cherish for generations to come. That’s my commitment,”

– Sanford Edward