New story at the Boys and Girl Club about Sanford Edward.

Happy to be part of the Boys Club!

From their newsletter:

How the Boys & Girls Club of America Influenced One of Orange County’s Most Successful Builders

Sanford Edward was a “Club Kid.” Growing up as the oldest of four children, with a working, single parent Mom, Sanford spent countless hours on the playgrounds and at the Boys Club.

The experience taught Sanford how to appreciate the value of having a safe place to go after school, a place where someone’s there to help with homework, play games, or go outside and play sports.

Sanford learned life lessons at the Boys Club—a sense of fair play, good sportsmanship, and the value of teammates—which he continues to use at The Strand at Headlands, the Dana Point ocean front community that he developed and built, which is setting numerous Orange County sales records.

Since 1998, when Sanford Edward acquired the Headlands from the Chandler family of the Los Angeles Times, Edward has been a booster and regular supporter of the San Juan Capistrano Boys & Girls Club.

“The Boys & Girls Club teaches children how to work hard, rely on others, and compete,” said Edward. “These are lessons that stayed with me my entire life. So I am grateful to support the Boys & Girls Club, and would encourage everyone to do so.”

“Even in Orange County, some children need help to reach their full potential,” said Edward. “The Boys & Girls Clubs are more than just a place to go. They are places to realize that most of what you learn in life is not taught in the classroom.”




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